New Opening Days and Times.

Visit our tasting room!  We are open open the second Saturday of the month or by appointment: 12 – 5pm Other days and times by appointment. Open from Noon-5pm on the following days:


This top shelf Bourbon Whisky is double pot-distilled using premium, Washington grown, high wheat mash. This smooth drinking spirit opens with caramel and subtle vanilla notes. Mellow toasted oak flavor and a warm finish make this the perfect bourbon for enjoying neat, over ice, or as a new variation in traditional cocktails.

Organic Blueberry Brandy

​This spirit is distilled from our farm’s organic blueberries. At the end of each season, we harvest all remaining fruit, ferment, distill and then age in new American oak barrels. The result is a beautiful spirit with blueberries on the nose and a smooth, mellow finish, perfect for sipping. It takes over 20 pounds of …

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Favorite Holiday Recipes

Favorite Holiday Cocktail Recipes Apple Cider Sangria Serves 4 3 (12-ounce) bottles hard apple cider 1 ½ cups fresh apple cider 1 cup ginger beer ½ cup Probably Shouldn’t Apple Brandy 1 apple, 1 pear and 1 orange sliced handful of cinnamon sticks Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Stir gently. Serve immediately. Hot …

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Single Malt Whisky

Double pot-distilled using 100% premium malted barley from Skagit County. Fermented and distilled from a proprietary blend of 100% malted barley sourced entirely from Skagit County, our American Single Malt Whisky can stand up to some of Scotland’s finest spirits. It provides a rich, rounded whisky with notes of oak, vanilla, stone-fruit and caramel. This …

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Old Tom Gin

Like it’s predecessors, our Old Tom is pot-distilled with 10 botanicals and is smoothly botanical and flavorful with a hint of sweetness. In the beginning of the 19th Century Tom Chamberlain was the master distiller for Hodges Distillery.  He was also known as “Old Tom” and gin shops and public houses advertised that they were …

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Blueberry Pie Liqueur

Our premium brandy is combined with organic blueberries, brown sugar, vanilla bean, and cinnamon sticks to make a unique liqueur perfect for sipping straight, What could be more reminiscent of summer and harvest than a freshly-baked berry pie? We have captured that flavor and aroma in our Blueberry Pie Liqueur. Made from whole, organic blueberries …

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Raspberry Brandy

Our premium raspberry brandy is infused with a half-pound of sweet, ripe raspberries picked less than 10 miles from our farm. Over 65% of the nation’s raspberries are picked here in Whatcom county. Our Raspberry Brandy capitalizes on that bountiful harvest. Nearly a pound of Pacific Northwest red raspberries picked at the peak of ripeness …

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Apple Brandy

Our Washington apple brandy is aged in American Oak barrels for a smooth and subtle finish. Charlemagne mentions apples in alcoholic beverages back in the 8th century. Gilles Picot from France was distilling apples in 1553. Apply Brandy has been sold commercially in the US since before the Declaration Of Independence.  Probably Shouldn’t’s handcrafted, small-batch, Apple …

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Distillery now producing hand sanitizer

EVERSON — Despite the name, the folks at Probably Shouldn’t Distillery decided recently that they probably should use their distilling powers for something quite unique. The distillery got the go-ahead from the federal government March 17 to begin producing hand sanitizer from the alcohol already on hand in the distillery. But the idea was born …

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