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We are often asked how we came up with our name. It’s simple, really. It’s a phrase we have heard repeated so many times, it has become something of a joke.


“We are thinking about starting a U-Pick blueberry farm on our property, what do you think?”


“Everyone else in this county is planting blueberries. You’ll never make it.”

Twelve years later, we have one of the most popular U-Pick blueberry farms in the county.


“We’re thinking about certifying organic .”


“I hear it’s really expensive and customers don’t care anyway.”

The year after we went through the process of becoming certified organic blueberry growers, our U-Pick sales over doubled.


“We are thinking about opening a craft distillery on our property.”

A heavy equipment mechanic and an English teacher can’t become distillers!”

Three years later, we opened the doors of Probably Shouldn’t Distillery. While the cautions were usually instructive, they didn’t deter us.

You see, when we are told that we “probably shouldn’t” do something, we are probably going to do it anyway, and we are probably going to make it a success.

Probably Shouldn't Distillery

3595 Breckenridge Rd
Everson, WA 98247

Open Noon to 5pm Every Saturday


Directions to the Distillery:


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